Title Executive Officer
Salary 8,000 – 10,000
Location Office #132, Darus salam, Mirpur,Dhaka.
Job Information


  1. Excellent presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills.
  2. Proactive, assertive and ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  3. Should be punctual and sound consciousness about responsibility.
  4. Have to create new customer
  5. Maintain good relationship with existing clients/customers and ability to adjust and motivate people.



  1. Have to market each and every product (if necessary) of our organization.
  2. Should be target oriented.
  3. Have to attain various camping, fair, seminar, programs, publicity etc. of the organization.



  1. To follow rules and regulations of the organization.
  2. Have to have mental preparation to develop and welfare for the organization.
  3. Have to attain 1/2 days training period after appointment.
  4. Have to work under the supervision and direction of the marketing manager.
  5. Must not implement personal method or policy beyond the organizational marketing policy.
  6. Transaction – outside the office cannot be accepted.
  7. Should free from any involvement of violence which against society as well as state otherwise he/she must be fired from the organization because organization is not liable for their personal deeds.



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Contact address: Office #132, Darus salam, Mirpur,Dhaka.

Phone: 8091213, 01611345121, 01611345122

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